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jeudi 30 septembre 2010

Dear LifeWave Family Members,

I have now been using LifeWave products for about four years, yet I find that I continue to learn more and more about their applications through personal use. A few weeks ago I had an experience that demonstrates this well. Every year, during the last weekend in August, I compete in the Hood to Coast Relay, a 200-mile race from Mt. Hood, Oregon to the Oregon Coast. It’s nicknamed “The Mother of All Relay Events” and this was my 24th year participating in this competitive relay, which has been existence for 28 years!

Each runner completes three different legs of the race, consisting of approximately 5 miles each, for a total of 15 miles within a 26-hour period. Between running increments, competitors ride the course route in a van. As you can imagine, the race involves every kind of injury or illness because you are cooling down between running efforts and there is little opportunity for rest, stretching or sleep. This is the perfect environment in which to test the mettle of the patches!

After running my first leg of the relay, I noticed that my right hip became quite sore. I realized that there was something abnormal about experiencing this pain on only one side. After all, I ran the first several miles of the race with both legs, so how was it that I was feeling pain on only one side? This is a phenomenon that occurs often with runners, but our patches are a good answer for it. I first checked to see if I could detect any organ (gut) referred pain, but didn’t identify a source. So, I applied IceWave patches directly on the pain (the hip) and the hamstring. During my next run, a difficult 5 miles going uphill, I had little to no difficulty.

My teammates, who were new to the patches, were curious to try them. They were shocked at not only how good they felt during the run in terms of energy levels and alertness, but also at how well the patches controlled pain and injury. What a great experience! Since there were approximately 18,000 runners and walkers in this event, there was plenty of opportunity for LifeWave applications. The take home message for me was this: the simplest applications are still some of the most effective.

Dr. Dean Clark, D.C.

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