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vendredi 5 février 2010

Doctors and Nurses Receive LifeWave Training for Haiti Relief Efforts

A group of about 30 nurses and doctors left the United States on January 22 to join the relief effort in Haiti. They went armed with a special weapon added to their medical arsenal – a supply of IceWave and Glutathione patches provided by LifeWave. Prior to leaving for the trip, the group received special training from LifeWave distributor Thomas Burke, who has helped spearhead and coordinate LifeWave’s efforts with the American Red Cross. LifeWave has been a Red Cross Storm Partner since last year, allowing us to work directly with the organization to donate time, money and products to aid victims of disasters such as the one that has recently struck Haiti.
The medical practitioners flew to Florida from locations around the United States and received a crash course on IceWave and Glutathione patch protocols on January 21. They learned the Clock Method, protocols for whole body pain and basic Glutathione guidelines. According to Burke, the reaction from the group was very positive. “They were extremely grateful because there’s been a shortage of supplies,” said Burke. “The patches are an invaluable tool to add to their kit.”
During the course of the training, Burke had an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of the patches. He used IceWave on the mother of a nurse practitioner who was present at the training, a woman in her 90’s who was riddled with pain. He was able to take her pain level from a 9 down to a zero within five minutes! “The training participants were simply astounded by the results,” says Burke.
The doctors and nurses have enough patch supply for about 6,000 applications! We are hopeful that each application will significantly reduce the suffering of someone in need.

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