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lundi 7 décembre 2009

Root for Ginger! + Patch Y AGE

Ginger has long been used to lend a spicy zing, pungent flavor and fragrant quality to culinary creations around the world. But this versatile herb has also been prized for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years.
Commonly called “ginger root,” the most nutritionally valuable part of the ginger plant is actually the underground rhizome (more of an underground stem than a root). Here are just a few of the wide-ranging health benefits ginger has been touted for:
  • Provides gastrointestinal relief – Ginger has been shown to be highly effective in reducing the symptoms of both morning and motion sickness, including nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Additionally, ginger helps break down proteins and fatty foods, aiding in digestion.
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects – Ginger contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents called “gingerols,” and is therefore effective in alleviating symptoms from diseases that are caused by inflammation.
  • Immune boosting qualities – Ginger can promote healthy sweating, a critical body function. Sweating not only detoxifies the body, but has also been shown to transport germ-fighting elements to the surface of the skin.
  • Reduces fever – Ginger has warming effects, making it useful in reducing a fever. This quality also makes ginger a natural decongestant and antihistamine.
  • Causes cell death in ovarian cancer cells – In lab experiments presented at the 97th annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer, gingerols (the main active component in ginger) were shown to kill ovarian cancer cells.
  • Inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer cells – Research presented at a meeting of cancer experts in 2003 (Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research) suggests that gingerols also play a role in inhibiting the growth of colorectal cancer cells.
  • Lowers LDL cholesterol – Recent studies have shown that ginger can help reduce the amount of cholesterol that your system absorbs.
How can you incorporate this miraculous spice into your diet? You can prepare it in your food, steep it in hot water, or simply take our SP6 Complete Detox 1 & 2 oral supplements; ginger is one of the powerful ingredients in our detoxification formula.
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