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mardi 27 juillet 2010

News for Lifewave users

A personal message from Health & Science Dir, Dr Steven Haltiwanger MD, CCN
One of the qualities that first attracted me to LifeWave is our focus on anti-aging - essentially a commitment to helping people live long and healthy lives. In 2011, after years of research and development, we will be launching a new LifeWave patch product which will help propel this agenda forward. I have no doubt that this new patch, which is code named X-15, will break new ground in the field of anti-aging. Initial responses have been nothing short of remarkable!

LifeWave goes to great time and expense in conducting clinical research for all our products, and X-15 has been no exception. At this point in time, we have completed six (6) clinical studies on the new X-15 patch, and results from these studies clearly show that this new patch provides powerful benefits not currently available in any other product.

The results from these studies were so powerful in fact, that we then became interested in examining what type of "real world" experiences our members could expect. To that end, we are currently collecting feedback from nearly 500 people who are incorporating the X-15 patch into their daily lives. This global study involves subjects from more than 20 countries! The end goal is to gather as much information as possible across a diverse population from around the world, and ultimately glean valuable information that will assist in our marketing efforts of the X-15.

I am very excited about the X-15, and looking forward to sharing more about it with you in the future!


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