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dimanche 21 mars 2010

From Lifewave: Energy Medicine: What You Should Know

There are many companies in the market today that claim their products improve energy and have other enhancing effects on the body based on principles of energy medicine. While LifeWave completely supports the practice of energy medicine for improving health (through methods such as acupuncture, chi kung, reiki, etc.), when it comes to products, "Let the buyer beware.”
So, how can you tell the real deal from the fakes?
  1. Most companies we have seen that market energy products DO NOT have clinical research to back their claims. While a concept may sound good, a company has an ethical responsibility to provide solid research that supports both the safety and the efficacy of its products. Marketing a product without any clinical research is not only unethical, it is also illegal.
  3. Last year alone, LifeWave completed 19 clinical studies (added to the body of research conducted for 6 years prior to this), and this year we have more than another dozen on the list. This is more clinical research than provided by ANY other company in the field of energy medicine. Many energy medicine companies also fail to register their products. Again, the same rules of ethics and legality apply. It is illegal in nearly ALL countries around the world to market a product without product registration.
 Our advice is to stay aware of what is happening in the field of energy medicine. If a company is making a claim about a product, be critical. Ask yourself a couple questions: “What evidence do they have to back their claims?” and “Are they legally allowed to market their products?”

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