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lundi 7 septembre 2009

Testimonial ANKLE PAIN

Dear friends,
Elcross_Pull-On_Ankle_Support_h.webI have not been sharing my past few experiences with LifeWave patches on email, and I think I should start with the story on my wife.
Before the birth of my 1st child, my wife had injured her right ankle and has since been suffering from pain off and on at the bottom of her right heel for more than 20 years. Initially I tried to patch Icewave (pain relief) directly at the point of pain at the bottom of the heel without much effect several times over the last 2 months.
I refer to some acupuncture books and tried again to patch her right heel this morning, and to our great relief, the pain has gone immediately without a trace. Amazing!
I simply patch her on the following points as follows:+

Tan (Ice) on the K3 (Taiqi)_Concave acu point just behind the highest point of inner ankle.
White on the B60 (Kunlun)_Concave acu point just behind the highest point of outer ankle.
As she also has been sufferring pain at the pelvis around the waist , I understand this is quite common with most women, I casually patched Energy patches on B23 (Shen Su_same waist line instead at the back – about 2 fingers above CV8 -Navel point) (White on the right and Tan on the left )to balance the meridian at the waist. she also feel the pain has disappeared half an hour later.
It is so amazing that we have an excellent non-drug device initiating body self-healing process in the natural way at our disposal!
Francis Tan Yam Tee

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