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mardi 28 juillet 2009

Nouveaux protocoles (EN)

LifeWave Clinical Trials suggest that the Possibilities with LifeWave are Endless!

Exciting new clinical trials are measuring the effects of placing the LifeWave Energy Enhancer and Y-Age Glutathione patches on various points of the head. Although the clinical trials are still in the early phases of development, the results are already showing great promise for improving mental clarity and stimulating regions of the brain!
Here are 3 different placements that you can try with the Energy Enhancer and Y-Age Glutathione patches:

Placement #1: Energy Enhancer + Y-Age Glutathione
This placement combines 1 set of Energy Enhancer patches with 1 Y-Age Glutathione patch:

  • Place the Energy Enhancer patches directly on the temples (Acupoint TB23); use the WHITE patch on the right temple, and use the TAN patch on the left temple.
  • Place one Y-Age Glutathione on acupoint GV24.5. This point is known as the “Third Eye” and is located along the midline of the forehead, approximately 1 inch above the point where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead.

Placement #2: Energy Enhancer on the Head
This placement uses 1 set of Energy Enhancer patches:

  • Place the WHITE patch directly on the top of the head (GV21).
  • Place the TAN patch directly below the boney protuberance where the neck meets the back of the head (GV16).

Placement #3: Energy Enhancer on the Eyes
This placement uses 1 set of Energy Enhancer patches:

  • With the eyes closed, place the patches directly over the eyelids (WHITE on right, TAN on left). You may rest the patches over the eyes without removing the adhesive backing. You should leave the patches in place for no longer than 20 minutes.

The placement for the eyes was devised by researchers performing LifeWave clinical studies. Upon measuring responses with an electro-encephalogram (EEG), researchers found beneficial changes in brain wave activity, specifically in a higher production of alpha waves.
When alpha waves are predominant, the individual is in a conscious state that is relaxed and focused. This natural state is often experienced in athletes during peak performance, and now you can use the LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches to help you reach your zenith!

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